Generally speaking, I would say that I lead a very healthy and balanced lifestyle. But even I can't manage to eat the recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetables.  7-8 servings a day is a lot. I've tried and tested numerous alternatives in the last few years, and happy to say I have settled on Amway  products.


Since its launch more than half a century ago, Amway has been at the forefront of scientific research. With more than 900 scientists, engineers and technical staff in 75 research laboratories worldwide, Amway is constantly developing new products and modernizing the Amway classics to provide the best for its customers.


Each new product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. Numerous independent certifications show that Amway has succeeded in its efforts to bring quality products to the market that deserve consumer confidence.


When I take dietary supplements, I want products that are natural and have not been processed synthetically. I found this warranty with NUTRILTE™.


NUTRILITE  includes a range of products to support a healthy diet - including multivitamin mineral supplements, herbal supplements and chewing supplements suitable for children and the whole family.


ARTISTRY  is one of the five top brands for high-quality skin care products worldwide.