Hello and welcome to "be healthy, stay healthy"

My name is Sandra Radic, and I was born in May 1976.  I am a working professional, and proud mother of 3.


Historically, I used to do my personal physical work outs in either fitness centers or indoor gyms, until I discovered Bootcamp.


Though I always had a passion for sports during my childhood, this passion has transformed itself in my adult years from classical ballet into a revitalized passion for Bootcamp Training.


In past years I realized that I was becoming ever more ambitious, driven and passionate for outdoor atheleticism.


With a positive and optimistic attitude, I have been successful at defeating my "inner bastard", and pushing myself forward. I would love to share this drive and enthusiasm with you!.


I am blessed to have a husband, family and a job that enable me to maintain my passion for health and fitness.  Success is optimally achieved when one does what one loves  - at every level of life.


I completed a Bootcamp Trainer Certification in June 2016 and have enthusiastically been leading group, company and personal Trainings ever since.


Nutritional well being is a corner stone of my active lifestyle,  and I have been consistently engaged with this topic for many years.


I have optimized how I supply my body with what it needs,  and aspire to integrate a balanced/healthy diet into my everyday working and family life.  I would be excited to help you build your personal recipe for success!