Enough from diets and JoJo effect? What if you can be in a group towards a long term healthy life style?

First of all, I want to emphasise that everything I offer on my website, has been tested by myself first or it is integrated in my daily diet. Should be self-evident but it is not always the case. The same applies also for weight management. Personally, I am lucky that even after each of my pregnancies I did not have much weight to lose. But still there where those last 3 kilograms I wanted to get rid of. So, I made the DNA Analysis 4 month ago and I am so happy I took  that step. Not only I lost those 3 kilograms, but more importantly, I didn’t gain them back. Yes, I do sport and some of you would say I have good genes, but I also love chocolate , I do not eat just green salad, and I very much enjoy food. I was always looking for something easy to follow without many restrictions , little preparation time in the kitchen and most important, it needs to be family friendly. So, this is exactly what you get here. I would love to share this experience with you guys and take you on a little journey.


I believe that there are a few people out there, struggling with the last kilograms to lose and I am sure you tried already several diets and changes in your meal plan but those last kilograms  won’t go away. 


I will start an online Pilot with maximum 10 persons for the DNA Analysis including consultations. So, instead of having a 1:1 consultation we will have 4 online meetings as a team. Each one of you will have to do their own Genetic Test at home.

I accompany you online and will give valuable information along the way. The advantage is that you can join from anywhere. No need to be based in Switzerland. You can do the DNA Analysis  from Germany, France or Italy.


Here is the deal: Instead of CHF 959.00 (CHF 799.00 DNA Analysis with 2 consultations + CHF 160.00 for 2 additional consultations) you will only pay CHF 747.00.


Interested? If you want to join this Pilot Project, make sure you secure your DNA Analysis kit now by clicking the button below.

We will start the Pilot on April 30th, 2018, allowing your enough time to think about this offer and get ready for a fantastic journey. 



You want to make a change than do it NOW


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